NRC started in Assam fake news viral on Social Media

Fake news claim: A post-viral on social media claiming, NRC started in Assam. This if true is mission missionbjp2024 They have begun evicting people from their homes. The media doesn't show it, @BankiMistry@pbhushan1 @AamAadmiParty


Facts Check Verdict: False

News Verification: The video shared on Social Media is not true, The video is 5 months old and from Rajasthan. It is from an anti-encroachment drive by Jaipur, Rajasthan Development Authority (JDA).

We found more information on Zero News giving more information on the incident.

A video shared by Bharat Prabhat Party, which is around 6 months old states,  that the video is from Kanota village in Jaipur where police are demolishing the houses of poor and tribal people.

370 धारा पर लोग मोदी मोदी चिल्ला रहे है और पूरे भारत मे दलितों के , गरीबो और आदिवासियों के घर तोड़े जा रहे हैं ज़मीनों पर कब्जा किया जा रहा है !
यह वीडियो सामरिया रोड कानोता जयपुर की है ! पुलिस Jcp मशीन लाकर घर तोड़ रही हैं !इन पुलिस बालो को तुरन्त नौकरी से बर्खास्त किया जाए !

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