Viral Claim: Many Pakistanis shared video’s on the social media claiming that the Pakistan Army shot down two Indian aircraft inside Pakistani airspace. .

Facts Check: Fake

Viral News in Social Media Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others Examples:

A video shared by some Dr Shahid Masood@Shahidmasooddr claimed that

2nd Indian Pilot Arrested Alive...

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Facts Check Analysis Pakistanis on 27th February 2019, claimed that they shot down two aircraft which were in the Pakistani airspace.  The video claimed that they captured two pilots of the IAF.

Pakistan army has already clarified that only one pilot was in the Pakistani Army’s custody. In the video an injured pilot can be seen lying on the ground.

The fact: the video is from a aircraft crashed in Bengaluru. The video is a real one from a crash of a India pilot. The incident happened during practice for the Aero India show, when Chethan  Kumar,

One pilot was killed and two others ejected to safety, after two aircraft of Indian Air Force’s aerobatic team Surya Kiran crashed near the airbase at Yelahanka, a suburb of Bengaluru.

As per the eye-witness and videos related to the incidents, one of the plane’s nose collided with the other’s tail, thus making it very difficult to recover for the pilots. The two aircraft were performing a close spin-and-cross manoeuvre, while the other aircraft were engaged in a separate formation.

Journalist Sjiv Aroor and many other Indians found it easy to claim that it was a fake video put by Pakistan, Sjiv said on the social media that “FAKE NEWS: Pakistani Twitter handle with 500k+ followers peddles video of Feb 19 Surya Kiran crash survivor Vijay Shelke in Bangalore, saying it is captured IAF pilot.”

Barkha dutt said “Please atleast hear the accents in the background Dr Masood before sharing fake videos of an old crash in India which the pilot survived”

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