Multiple users shared a picture of a father and his child where the child can be seen wrapped in a plastic cover

Shared Fake news on social media: Multiple users shared a picture of a father and his child where the child can be seen wrapped in a plastic cover, the father asks to share and spared the message.

Please pray
A prayer request
Please pray for my daughter she has symptoms of coronavirus but we are not sure if she is positive because her test result isn't out yet. Her mother died while giving birth to her, I don't want to lose her too, please help me share to even if 5 Facebook group and pray not to be tested positive, I believe your prayers can make a difference, don't ignore us (God bless you as u share

News Verification: In a post shared thousands of times on Facebook, the message makes an emotional appeal to further share the emotional message. As can be seen in the picture the farther is hugging the girl wrapped in the plastic sheet, claiming she has coronavirus.

We found news published on a Malaysian website minews, claimed that the man works as a medical staff serving in the vanguard of COVID-19 in Malaysia. The news was published on April 16.the news suggests the son wanted to meet his father and the meeting happened. the father hugged his son tightly wrapped in a plastic bag. He also seemed unable to hold back tears when meeting with her baby.

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Kerinduan Pasukan Garda Depan Covid19 Kepada Sang Buah Hatinya. Seorang ayah sekaligus pasukan garda depan Covid 19 rindu pada sibuah hatinya, sejak ayahnya bertugas, si anak belum pernah ketemu ayah tercintanya, hanya telfon dan video call. Sampai suatu hari si Anak ingin bertemu langsung dengan Ayahnya. Sang Ayah sempat membujuk sibuah hatinya untuk pulang, tapi apa daya kerinduan tidak bisa terbendung, sang ayah pun ber insiatip agar anaknya mengunakan kantong plastik besar untuk di pakai supaya sang Ayah bisa berpelukan dengan buah hatinya. "Ayah aku kangen sama Ayah"... "Ayah juga kangen sama adek, do'ain ayah lekas pulang" Sang Ayah berpesan : - Jangan lupa berdoa agar wabah corona ini cepat sirna - Adik di rumah saja - Jangan Lupa Cuci Tangan - Jangan Lupa Mengunakan Masker Via : foto Sinar Harian dan eris riswandi

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This picture was viral on social media. Vazious comments were present, including messages for people who were still stubborn outside the house during the Corona pandemic.

Facts Check Verdict: False / Fake

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