Priyanka Gandhi in different religious attire, it’s all Photoshop's rigging

Viral Claim:  A collage of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is going viral where she can be seen in different religious attires went viral on social media. A social media post also questioned her religion.

Facts Check: Fake

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Facts Check Analysis

In Social media, a collage of Priyanka Gandhi is going viral wherein picture she can be seen wearing janeu whereas in another picture she can be seen wearing a cross.

The photo of the cross is a rally of the Congress held during Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections in Rae Bareli, February 2017. The original picture of the viral picture is revealed by seeing the original picture.

It is found that the photo was morphed and her white pendant had been replaced with a cross. 

जनेऊ धारी दत्तात्रेय गोत्र के राहुल गांधी जी की बहन मां गंगा की बेटी प्रियंका वाड्रा के गले में मंगलसूत्र की जगह क्रास  आखिर इतना सब कुछ फर्जी सीखा कहां से?

— Santosh Pandey (@Santosh983956) March 29, 2019

When we tried to investigate the truth behind janeu picture, it was revealed that the photo is from  Priyanka's Varanasi tour. The photo of the alleged Janeu white yarn is found in the photo. The claim of this photo proved false even when many news reports and video footage of the Varanasi tour was found.

मैने पुरूषों को तो जनेउ धारण करते देखा हैं क्योंकि जनेऊ पहनने से पुरुषों को बृहम्चारी का पालन करना पडता है।
लेकिन प्रियंका गांधी जी को जनेऊ धारण करने की क्या जरुरत पड गयी ।आप फोटो मे साफ देख सकते है।

— Chowkidar Kanwarpal Malik (@KanwarpalM) March 30, 2019

Facebook page We Support Amit Shah Modi Mission 2019’ has shared the image with the caption: Everyone in the family is wearing janeu. Someone should tell her that women don’t wear janeu (Chowkidar ka dar Pura khandan janeu pehen kar dar badar ghum raha hai koi inhe batao auraten janeu nahi pehenti).

A Facebook user, 'Brij Singh', posted four photos of Priyanka with the caption: After all, who are you @Priyankagandhi? (Aakhir kaun ho tum? @Priyankagandhi).

It’s does n’t stop here one more viral picture shows her offering prayers wearing a red dupatta and tilak. This photo was taken during her visit to Vindhyavasini Devi temple in Mirzapur. The photo is been cropped. Priyanka was not alone; she was accompanied by Rahul Gandhi during a campaign in Amethi for the Lok Sabha elections that year.

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