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Viral Claim: A Image shared by people on the Social media claiming that RLD Chief made to sit in the back seat during the Mahagatbandhan rally 2019?

Facts Check: Fake/False

Viral News in Social Media Twitter/Facebook/WhatsApp/Other Examples:

हे भगवान, गठबंधन की रैली में ये देखिए पिता - पुत्र का हाल, आगे की दो कुर्सियाँ मायावती जी और अखिलेश जी के लिए हैं, वो भी चकाचक तौलिए के साथ, जबकि अजीत सिंह जी और जयंत जी पीछे, अपनी नहीं तो कम से कम चौधरी साहब की इज्जत की तो सोच लेते, ऐसे गठबंधन से पहले !!

Facts Check News: No Ajit Singh was not made to sit back during the Mahagatbandhan rally 2019? As per the tweet by a BJP leader, Ajit Chaudhary seated at the dais behind two big chairs. As per the tweet Ajit and his son were denied to sit in the front row of the rally.

The live video of the Rally is available on YouTube, titled “सहारनपुर: ‘सामाजिक न्याय से महापरिवर्तन‘ देवबंद में सपा, बसपा और आरएलडी की संयुक्त महारैली”. The video was posted by Samajwadi party on YouTube. If you watch the video from 40:39 seconds, you can see Ajit Singh sitting in the front row, just beside Mayawati. The image posted on Twitter may be of a different time when Ajit Singh was not sitting in front row.

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