Viral Claim: Hoax message warning by Saddle River Police Department readThis is the Saddle River Police. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND RUN AWAY FROM HOME! Bad pleople (sic) are after you. Contact this number when you have done so.

Facts Check: True.

Viral News in Social Media like Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others: 

It has come to our attention that some juvenile girls have received this fake text message tonight. Please speak with your children about this message and how to treat other strange messages in the future. If you or your child received this message please make it a matter of record with your local police department.

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Facts Check Analysis: Saddle River Police Department issued a warning after many girls received hoax message poising as the police department and warning the people to run away from their home soon after getting the message.

The message was to create awareness and inform the parents for the safety of their kids in case of any such real incidents, however there has not been any incidents reported yet.

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