The treatment cost / packages will be as follows: Rs 40, 000 /- package per day for (2 bedded / 3 bedded) Rs 50, 000 / package per day for Single room / Pvt. Category Rs 75,000 /- package per Day for ICU Rs 100,000/- per day, for ICU with ventilator with ventilator

News CLAIM: A Facebook and Twitter post on social media shows a circular from the private hospital Saroj, New Delhi. The circular states,

This is to inform all concerned in the Hospital, all panel, that Saroj Super Speciality Hospitals and Saroj Medical Institue, as per the Govt. of Delhi, India are going to start facility for treatment of COVID -19 patients.

The treatment cost/packages will be as follows:

  1. Rs 40, 000 /- package per day for (2 bedded / 3 bedded)
  2. Rs 50, 000 / package per day for Single room / Pvt. Category
  3. Rs 75,000 /- package per Day for ICU
  4. Rs 100,000/- per day, for ICU with ventilator with ventilator

₹3 Lakh will be a minimum bill for COVID Bed in this private hospital. Does Health Emergency mean LOOT? Govt a silent spectator.

Saroj Hospital, a private hospital :

- Will charge a MINIMUM of 3 Lakh PER DAY
- 4 lakh advance for bed
- 5 lakh advance for a single room
- 8 lakh advance for ICU
- Treatment charges will be TWICE for Corona patient than hospital rate list

THIS IS LOOT!@msisodia @ArvindKejriwal


TRUTH & Verification: However there is news being shared by many on Social media regarding the inflation of rates for the COVID patient in the hospitals, which has made people sicker than the disease itself.

As per timesofindia, Many patients being admitted for 10-15 days, the costs add up and bills of Rs 4 lakh to Rs 16 lakh have grabbed headlines.

COVID has added some new elements. “In the name of isolation, patients are being charged for a first-class single room or even for a single deluxe room. Chest CTs are being insisted upon. Despite being stable, many are being put in ICUs where charges are significantly higher. No rational or standard guidelines are being followed on how many times patients need to be tested or in making them repeat tests when admitted even if they already have the test result. When a patient ran up a bill of Rs 80,000 within eight hours of being admitted, it was a shocker even by standards of private hospitals,” said a senior consultant in a prominent hospital in Mumbai.

Hospitals are also charging patients Rs 2,200 or more for every personal protection equipment (PPE) kit and other protection wear such as coveralls and masks. “Good quality PPE kits could cost Rs 800-Rs 1,200 to a hospital. With rational use and if the PPE cost is spread over the many patients admitted, it would add up to about three PPE per patient, which hospitals are charging at MRP,” said a senior consultant in a private multi-specialty hospital.

Delhi Government COVID Updates

The Delhi government on June 3, announced three private hospitals — Moolchand, Ganga Ram, and Saroj —will be COVID hospitals. However, the government has not set a capped on what the hospitals can charge — instead, the order categorically states they can bill the patients according to their discretion.

As per the Delhi government instruction, at Saroj Hospital’s 154 beds dedicated to COVID0=-19 patients, 139 will be paid and 15 for EWS.

We cannot rule out the probability of Private Hospitals charging from the patients.

Saroj Hospitals have not yet come upon a reply to the above floating message.

As per nhpcintra



The Maharashtra government has capped charges on COVID patients

The capped charges are going to give relief to patients and their families as per day charge for an ICU bed with a ventilator and isolation facility at the facilities have been capped at Rs 9,000.

The charges are as follows

  1. Rs 4000: Charges for routine ward + isolation 
  1. Rs 7500: Charges for ICU without ventilator + isolation 
  1. Rs 9000: Charges for ICU with ventilator + isolation 


  1. Monitoring and Investigations like CBC, Urine Routine
  2. HIV Spot Anti HCV, Hbs Ag, Serum Creatinine
  3. USG, 2D Echo, X-ray, ECG,
  4. Drugs Consultations
  5. Bed charges
  6. Nursing charges
  7. Meals
  8. Procedures like Ryles tube insertion, urinary tract catheterization

The cost does not include

1) PPE 

2) Interventional Procedures like, but not limited to, Central Line insertion, Chemoport Insertion, bronchoscopic procedures, biopsies, ascitic/pleural tapping, etc, which may be charged at the rack rate as on 3Ist Dec 2019. 

3) COVID testing to be done as per actual cost as per the direction

4) High-end drugs like Immunoglobulins, Meropenem, Parenteral Nutrition, Tocilizumab, etc to be charged at MRP as per direction 9

5) High-end investigations like CT scan. MRI, PET scan

Tamil Nadu govt caped COVID treatment charges in private hospitals

As per the new guidelines on June 7, There are two levels — Grade A1 and A2 — of hospitals are allowed to charge a daily fee of Rs 7,500 and Rs 15,000 for the general ward and ICU, respectively.
For Grade A3 and A4 hospitals, the ceiling for charges per day in the general ward and ICU are fixed at Rs 5,000 and Rs 15,000, respectively.

 As a Facebook by Saroj Hospital, the hospital clarified that "This is to inform you all that an out of date circular has been circulated on social media platforms
Kindly go through the clarification", The clarification further said, It has been brought to our notice that an out of date circular which was for Panel Patientsis being circulated on Social media about charges of treatment for COVID 19 patients.

'Saroj' encourage treatment at home and have offered a package of less than Rs 1900/day including COVID Kit. We confirm that COVID patient's admission has started only from June 8th, 2020, ad are being charged as per the revised treatment cost declared to the Government f Delhi on June 6th, 2020. We at Saroj encourage treatment at home and have offered a package of less than Rs 1900/day including COVID Kit.


VERDICT:  Saroj Hospitals clarified the message as out of date.

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