Was cycle invented in India, No the information shared is false

Fake news claim: Images shared on social media claims that Cycles were first invented in India, based on carving on Indian temple.

Examples of viral posts in circulation on Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Who invented a cycle, a remote?

Was there any astronaut in our country some 2000 years back?

Answer, see the scultupters at Panchavarnaswamy Temple.

Panchvarnswami temple is in Tamilnadu. According to archeologists this temple is some 2000 years old.

There is a bicycle, an astronaut and a remote is carved in temple walls. And the modern science says that bicycle is invented some 200 years ago in Europe by McMillan

Temple info :

Panchavarnaswamy Temple (usually is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva, located in Woraiyur, a suburb in the town of Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu, India. Shiva is believed to portray five different colours, giving the name of the presiding deity, Panchavarnaswamy. Panchavarnaswamy is revered in the 7th century Tamil Saiva canonical work, the Tevaram, written by Tamil saint poets known as the nayanars and classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam.

#Panchvarnswami temple is in #Tamilnadu, According to #archeologists this temple is some 2000 years old.

There is a #bicycle, an #astronaut and a #remote is carved in #temple walls. And the #modern #science says that bicycle is invented some 200 years ago in #Europe by #McMillan

Facts Check Verdict: False

News Verification: Images shared by thousands of users on social media claims that bicycle was indeed invented by India, However the images shared as from Tamil Nadu, is actually carved on a cathedral In Spain.

 The pictures consisting of an astronaut, a bicycle. The pictures are said to be from Panchvarnswami temple is in TamilNadu, India and said to be some 2000 years old. It further says cycle was invented in Europe, just 200 years ago.

The pictures are viral since 2017.


The first image is available in tripadvisor, titled as ” Dutchman on bicycle 1906 , an interesting carving at Medewe Karang Temple , North Bali”. 


The second image of the Astronaut is from a cathedral of Spain with the name Cathedral of Salamanca. The carvings of the astronaut and mobile are from 1992 renovation.


Hence none of the images are from Tamil Nadu, as claimed in the viral post and shared.

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