Saharanpur Rape and Murder

Fake news claim: A message viral on social media claiming “Saharanpur: A woman who had gone to collect woods in the forest was gang-raped and brutally murdered.”  

Examples of viral posts in circulation on Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

#सहारनपुर: जंगल में लकड़ी बीनने गई लड़की के साथ हुआ गैंगरेप, दरिंदों ने गैंग रेप करने के बाद पीड़िता की निर्मम हत्या कर दी।।।।

Saharanpur: A woman who had gone to collect woods in the forest was gang-raped and brutally murdered.

Facts Check Verdict: Incident from another place

News Verification: The message shared as rape and murder, to further claim that it is from Uttar Pradesh is not true. However the news was shared by many users on social media platforms convinced it to be from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

A news was published by Karnataka based news portal Oneindia, which reported about the incident on Oct 2017. As per the news portal, the rapist has taken the hands and head after the incident so that nothing can be found about the girl based on AADHAR.

The UP police as well debunked the claim that it is from Saharanpur. The image of the beheaded corpse of a woman, allegedly raped and murdered, was from a farm in UP’s Auraiya, found in 2017. We were unable to track this news further.

There have been many incidents of Rape and Murder from UP over the years.

Looks like the other ways to tackle this menace is to educate each and every person in the society about the effect and consequences.

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