Little girl somersault video viral, Girl doing Somersaults at high speed

News Claim: A video of a little girl doing Somersaults at high speed is viral on social media in the context of the Tokyo Olympics, claiming that she is from India is not true.

Viral message on WhatsApp today & other Social Media: Watch the below news viral

53 second, round - 80. Keep practicing; India is proud on daughters like you. Truly, there's no dearth of talent in Indian kids

Hindi: उम्र-6 साल समय-53 सेकेंड राउंड-80 अभ्यास जारी रखो भारत को आप जैसी बेटियों पर गर्व है..... वास्तव मे, भारत के बच्चो मे काबिलियत की कमी नही है

News Verification: The above video stating of a 6 years old girl is not from India.  

Ayupp then ran a keyword search with the image of the girl and found that the six-year-old girl is Li Jiamin from China's Shanxi province. As can be seen in the video the girl does Somersault at an incredible speed.

A video was uploaded by South China Morning Post on YouTube early in Aug 2020, with the caption, “Chinese girl performs 80 somersaults in 1 minute”  it further reads in the description, “A 5-year-old girl from China’s Shanxi province can do 80 somersaults continuously in 1 minute. She has been practising it for 1.5 years with her father, and wants to break the Guinness World Record someday.”

News verdict: False, the video is from China

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