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Rules to check your credit score online in India

Applying for loan and getting approved both are different things. Many a time loan requests are rejected or approved because if a low Credit information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) ratings.

CIBIL rates individuals between 300 and 900. So, whether you are eligible or not for a home loan or a new credit card, will be determined by the credit score. The higher your score - the better chances you have for your loan to be approved. Banks can refuse your loan request in case of a low credit score. Rules and steps to check your credit score in India.

Rule1: Login to the CIBIL Site


and give the personal details like name and other as required information needed.

Rule2: Next, after filling up the form, you will require to make a payment of Rs. 470 for purchasing your credit score. The payment can be done via net banking, debit or credit cards.

Rule3: The third step requires authentication. You will come across five system-generated questions which you need to answer. These are objective questions supported with options, answers of which are best known to you. To prove your authenticity, you will have to answer a minimum three questions correctly.

Rule4: Give your contact details as needed in the form, so that the CIBIL team can identify. You will be required to give your Identify yourself, wither by PAN Card, voterID etc. and will also required to give your address proof online.

Rule5: Once the authentication is successful, you will be given access to your credit score right away. It will be mailed to you separately.

Rule6: Once you find out your credit score, you can easily apply for a loan or a credit card.