The State bank of India warned its customers against any integration of non official handles, it said to interact only with the verified and official handles of SBI.

In its tweet the bank said

Do not invest your time and money interacting with fake accounts on social media. Follow, tag and interact with only the verified, official handles of SBI, to ensure that your comments, complaints, and enquiries get adequately addressed and you are not scammed by fraudsters.

Now days it is quite easy for anyone to create a Social media account with some name changes and fool the people by being their representative.

Understanding fake news, why It has got bigger over the Internet

Below are the verified and official handles of SBI over various platforms

Facebook: @StateBankOfIndia

Instagram: @theofficialsbi

Twitter: @TheOfficialSBi

Quora: State Bank of India (SBI)

Linkedin: State Bank of India (SBI)

Google+: State Bank of India

YouTube: State Bank of India

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