Uber Increases minimum fares: Delhi-NCR fares have been increased by 50% for its entry-level ‘UberGo’. Lowest fares have increased from 40 Rs to 60 Rs. And ride time charge will be upto Rs 1.5/min

It was reported by PTI on its twitter account.

About Uber – Uber is transportation company head quartered in United States. It was founded in 2009 in San Francisco, California.  Garrett Camp (Founder of StumbleUpon) and Travis Kalanick worked together to form Uber.

As per information provided at Uber Site: In 2008, both the owners of Uber – Garrett and Travis were in Paris looking for a taxi on a snowy day. They had difficulty in getting Cab, and at that point of time, idea of uber clicked their mind. A very simple idea: where on a tap of a button, customer can get a ride. They started with an app which used to provide the riders a premium black car. Initially it was only for few metro areas. The idea of uber was:

Anyone can become driver and earn money. For e.g. if someone is returning home from office. If he is registered with Uber then he can give anyone ride and earn some bugs. You don’t require to be a professional driver to be uber driver. In India the rules are different due to government of India rules. But still is a good source of Income for many.

The above idea looked promising to the investors that they decided to invest $200,000 for Uber. And after this start uber never looked back.

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