New Delhi: In recent times, the price of petrol and diesel has reached the highest level since 2014, whereas crude oil prices in the international market have remained halfway, from what it was three years ago, despite this the price of petrol, diesel in the country have gone drastically way up. The direct impact of rising petrol and diesel falls on the common man's plate and the people are us, you and me as a common man. This is a cruel joke with the poor. Rising of inflation is directly associated with the rise of prices and diesel prices. With this, the condition of the middle and lower middle class becomes disastrous; whom do they talk in such a situation they don’t know? Increasing the price of petrol and diesel repeatedly shows the fault in the government's determination; such a government's policy is absolutely wrong, pure dishonesty. Such policies break the trust of the public and break the trust expresses the government's failure.

When Note ban was implemented last year of the Rs 1000 and Rs 500, it was said by the honorable PM, just wait for some time, soon after 3 months the prices will get into control. Banks will be having more money and getting loans will be easier. But nothing happened, instead the prices of each and every things in our daily life is getting costlier and out of reach of the common man. The common man is being played by the government in all the sectors. This is a real threat to common man, when the prices of petrol should have really come down and instead it went up and we all supports the Modi government.

The same definition has made the so-called leaders shouting, among the displeasure of the increased prices of petrol and diesel, Minister of State for Tourism, Union Tourism, Alphons Kannanthanam, has made a statement that is doing the work of sprinkling salt on the burn. The Central Minster Union Tourism Minister, Alphons Kannanthanam, has given a controversial statement on the rising prices of petrol diesel. Alphons has said that those who are buying petrol diesel are not poor and they are not starving. Alphons said that people owning a car and bike are owner’s they have to give higher price. They will have to pay more taxes on petrol diesel. He said the revenue generated from this is utilized for housing, toilets and electricity to the poor.

BJP don’t wants the Middle class, pay more for Petrol


This argument people are not accepting because the government has already put many similar statement especially after the Note ban and after implementing GST, It said the prices will surely come down, such statements from the central minister shows dictatorship of the government. How many people in the country who go on cars and motorcycles? Is not the joke of poverty in the name of the poor? Will not it affect the farmers, the laborers, the poor and the working people? This kind of burden is being inflicted on the public forcibly. The government's image is poor with uncertainty in trying to justify wrong decisions and policies. After all, there should be some practical reason for increasing prices and determining taxes.

When the government says it is working for the poor, then what about the middle class, where they should go, it does not gives this answer, the government does not think that the rise in petrol and diesel will lead to other rise of daily used things.

It is ironic that the increase in petrol and diesel prices does not only affect the normal people who owns one, but it effects more of the daily life and goods that we use daily. Because it also increases the prices of transportation, public transport and consumer goods. Right now when the growth rate is downward and inflation is climbing up, the rising prices of petrol and diesel will create problems in crossing them. Having government in a clear majority does not mean that it can do anything. The minister's argument that this increase has been made for the schemes of the welfare of the poor, they do not fall. Because the share of revenue from petrol and diesel so far has been utilized for the upliftment of the poor, but he did not answer how much of the money which came from Petrol and diesel has been used for the common people and where.

The old definition of leadership was, "Everyone walks together, the ability to make decisions, the right solution to the problem, the parallelism of the words, the confidence of people, the foresight, imagination and creativity." But Alfonso's statement and the prices of illogical petrol-diesel increasingly, this definition has changed the definition. 2014 BJP had slogan before 2014 elections, three years have passed since it was 'a lot of price rise, now the Modi government', but the inflation which was a witch for the BJP in the Congress rule, has now become a Goddess. Constant inflation is on the rise, but I do not know what the opposition is also unwilling to open a mouth against the government. The cost of crude oil has decreased in comparison to the Manmohan Singh government, but the Modi government is constantly increasing the prices of petrol and diesel. This oil-policy has defected in the schemes of Modi government.

When the BJP government was formed, the oil price was Rs 6000 per barrel  in the international market. Now it costs Rs 3000 per barrel. Accordingly, petrol in India today should costs Rs 30-35.However it is sold at Rs 80 per Liters. Petrol has been hiked by 100 percent and diesel by four hundred percent. Is it not a complete looting? At the time of UPA government, when the decision to increase the price of petrol and diesel was increased in the international market due to rising prices of crude oil, how did the BJP created ruckus in Parliament?

How many ministers and BJP leaders today protested, seeing those pictures on Facebook can be easily estimated. At one time, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had taken a procession sitting on a bullock cart on the Parliament premises. Now when crude oil prices are very low, it is not logical to point out the rise of diesel and petrol by raising the prices of the poor. Whereas, there is no dearth of laxity and lack of politicians and bureaucrats.

There is a doubt about the policies of the government, how would a new India be created in these situations? How will corruption be curb? It is seen that the government has been harsh on the upper and middle class through its policies, but eventually the disadvantaged sections are being victimized by this stiffness. In the name of Road, light and house the people are given sweet dreams and no one is knowing that it is the government only selling the sweet dreams on ground the situation is much bitter with the rise of cost.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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