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After a hot summer monsoon provide some cool relief. However, rain also bring some diseases like

dengue, malaria, viral infections etc. Along with these common cold and cough are also very much prevalent during rainy season. For a mother monsoon brings a lot of concerns, they have to take care of their babies much more than any other season. Children are the one who are more prone to these diseases as the immunity is low and they are also much more exposed to the microorganisms than adults.

Following are some of the health tips which can protect the health of child during the rainy season.

Maintain hygiene- The first thing you should keep in mind is to maintain hygiene for the baby. Your baby may sweat a lot during the humid weather in monsoon. Give your baby baths or sponge baths at least once a day. When you bathe your baby, check his neck, underarms, genitalia and other creases in his body. You can try adding a few drops of neem oil (neem ka tel) to the bath.

nails-Cut your baby’s nails often. That will help keep him clean and healthy.

Food-Make sure to wash your hands while feeding your baby. Washing hands stop spreading diseases. Most of the diseases during monsoon are water borne. Take good care this monsoon for your baby so that he does not develop diseases due to food or water contamination like diarrhea. Wash the feeding bottles properly with hot water. If your baby isn't breast feeding then prepare his food with boiled water. Clean the plates and bowls in which you will serve your child the food properly. While going out, you may carry a hand sanitiser with you, so that anyone who wants to hold the baby uses it to avoid infections.

Dressing-During the monsoon, the weather can change a lot in a day. Buy a good deal of clothes to ensure baby proper health care. If it is humid, you could dress your baby in loose cotton clothes that will let his skin breathe and baby will feel comfortable it is cold, wrap your baby in a jacket or cardigan to keep him warm. Washed clothes take longer to dry in humid weather, and wearing damp clothes or socks can lead to fungal infections. So buy some extra underclothes for your baby. And make sure he always wears dry, clean clothes.

Mosquito net- Mosquitoes are the carrier of many diseases so safe your child from mosquitoes. To care for your baby properly cover the hands and legs of your baby with a cloth and use mosquito nets while sleeping. Do not use the chemical mosquito repellents available in the market as the harmful gases that they emit may harm your child.

After following this simple and carrying steps you can enjoy and protect you baby this monsoon.