Bad Luck if you wear this colors in Karva Chauth, 5 colors to avoid on Karva Chauth?

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India: Every year Karwa Chauth Vrat is observed by millions of married women across India and the world. Karwa Chauth Vrat is not only a practice, but a woman does every year it is also a tradition of Indian culture. The festival of Karva Chauth is very special and special for married women. 

On this day, married women keep fast for their husband's long life and happy married life, along with that they also do sixteen makeups. This time this festival will be celebrated on 24th October, Sunday. Karva Chauth is a symbol of good luck, so on this day, it is very important for married women to take care of some special things as well as take care of the colour of clothes. 

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Which colour should we wear on Karva Chauth?

1.     Black colour: It has long been forbidden in Hindu tradition, wearing a black dress in most festival celebrations is forbidden. Married women should not wear black clothes on the day of Karva Chauth. This colour is considered inauspicious and a symbol of negativity. Therefore, wearing black clothes while doing any auspicious work or worship is forbidden in Hinduism. Although mangalsutra and kajal can be used, as it protects from the evil eye.

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2.     White colour: White colour is considered a symbol of peace and gentleness. But in the Hindu religion, it is considered inauspicious for married couples to wear this colour. That is why married women should never wear white-coloured clothes on Karva Chauth. Along with this, white coloured things like curd, milk, rice or white clothes should not be donated on this day.

Blue Color: The colour blue is also considered inauspicious in the Hindu religion. It is not considered good for a married woman to wear this colour dress on this festival day.
4.     Brown colour: Wearing brown clothes on the day of Karva Chauth is considered inauspicious, as it is considered a colour full of sedation. Therefore, married women should avoid wearing clothes of this colour on Karva Chauth. 
5.     Gray: Wearing grey coloured clothes should also be avoided on Karva Chauth. Wearing this colour is considered inauspicious.

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