Bangalore New Year incident 2017:  As the world came to know of the Bengaluru mass molestation by the Bangalorean, it was a blot in the face Bangalore, known IT face of India. Let us be very clear on this both molestation and sexual harassment is crimes.

I have been leaving in Bangalore, but I would say I have not much seen or heard such an incident of mass molestation till date and it is really shameful that no case yet has been filed.

Why no cases were filed since last 4 days

1. Indifferent attitude of the Police

It is common across all the places that women related cases are often discouraged right from outside the police. Even if you go to the police for the first time you will be discouraged and asked counter questions and the police if check multiple times if you really want to file a case and will be able to deal with the this later, like coming to Police Station.

 2. Discourage by society often and fear of what will people say:

Many Girls and even their parents have this syndrome of what will people say and talk about them if they came to know.  The recent attitude of Karnataka State Home Minister, G Parameswara  “Events like New Year or events like Christmas Day or many other events like that, there are women harassed or treated badly. These types of incident do happen but we do take proper care. We also take precautionary measures”. Surely if such a message is given by the Home minister how women can get encouraged.

3. Easy access to bail:

After so much legal work and running to police stations, if somehow the offenders is caught. The legal system in our society provides them easy loopholes for getting bail.

4. Fear of repercussions:

Many a times the assaulter do come back and threaten the person who filed the case. In fear of no protection often the girls do not complain.

5. Lengthy legal proceedings:

It is really hectic and time consuming. Especially if some of the girls are working in some multinational firm. Taking leave and following up the case is really worrisome.

About The Author

Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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