Best Strategies to avoid negative People: We often fight for many things in our lives. It can be fighting for good health, fighting for success and fighting with friends sometimes. However the tricky part would be fighting someone with negative attitude and energy.

There is a hell lot of side effects of a negative friend, colleague or co-worker. We often work or being in company of a person who all the day complains for everything in life. They always starts with complain and ends with complain, however this leads to negative impact on the surrounding, on the people who stay in touch with such person.

These negative comes with destructive energy and drama follow them everywhere. If you’re not careful, they can pull you into their chaos.

Best Strategies for Dealing with Negative People

1. Know how to set the limit of interaction.

Never be in compulsion to sit and hear to a negative person again and again, especially since you have managed to know about the negativity of your friend. Their negative energy will slowly move into your own life and affect your attitude. Remember a bad apple in a basket, rotten the remaining Apples. Set limits and put some gaps between yourself and this individual, don’t be in compulsion and keep short before moving on.  You can’t control the negative behavior, nor you can change someone’s mind, but you can control whether or not if you want to engage.

2. Avoid people who always complain.

There is another set of people who always complain about everything, this will never enhance your life. This people never offer solutions, only complaints the list of problems. If someone you know a friend, family member or colleague displays the classic symptoms of complain, try maintaining some distance. Only talk if it is absolutely needed.

3. Flush out negative employees.

Your company or organization is a critical part of your brand. Many individual’s stay over time and give your company a massive push to go forward and achieve success. However one negative person can make the entire brand topple down. In a organization work comes last first the attitude and behavior with you colleague matters. A negative person may create a negative aura with affects the entire organization, often in a silent way. Find out such persons who create this type of environment and push them out if you own a Brand.

4. Never engage for long.

Often to prove ones words we tend to move into the hands of the negative person and start behaving as per the negativity of the person. Don’t engage each and every time someone irritates you. You be seen as argumentative, you’ll be welcoming the negativity into your own life. Instead of argue, you can ignore any negative comments. You can control your emotions and prevent the situation from escalating. Just walk away from unnecessary conflict.

5. Find this analyzing behavior

The negative person can sometimes behave irrationally. You will waste your valuable time and energy if you try to make sense of negative people actions. Do whatever your best to prevent yourself from becoming emotionally invested in their issues.

6. Building a group of positive people.

The best solution to the negativity is to be witg a network of positive friends, acquaintances and professional contacts. Persons who often smoke have to move to the group of people who don’t smoke to quit smoking. If someone knows exactly how to get under your skin, you may not be able to tackle the situation by yourself. When you find yourself becoming overly emotional with someone, call a mentor or friend and calmly explain the situation. Many times a different person can provide you with a different approach.


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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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