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Cat Biryani in Chennai, Sold For Rs 100 per KG

According to reports in timesofindia, roadside eatery in Chennai serve cat flesh as a food, cat meat is cooked for biryani, you may wish to reconsider your decision while eating non veg food in chennai. Cat meat is being used to cook this delicacy in certain parts of the city, especially in Pallavaram.

Volunteers from People for Animals (PfA)  and police rescued 16 cats which were kept in cages, with no food or water, over the weekend. The animals were in a dismal condition, some infested with maggots and all of them suffering from dehydration, The Hindu said. Most were aggressive, induced by trauma, and will take a long time to recover. Some reports added that the cats were being killed by putting them in boiling water.

Two PfA volunteers visited the settlement on Thursday. They befriended a couple of narikorava youths and asked them to demonstrate how the cats are trapped and then skinned. The demonstration was recorded by the volunteers. Later, the footage was shown to the Pallavaram police, who agreed to rescue the cats from the narikoravas.

According to The News Minute (TNM), the animals had been captured by the Narikuravar community. Sagar Sheth, an activist who was part of the rescue team, told TNM, "At the corner, there was a man chopping meat. He told us that it was cat meat and that it was to be sold. Rs 200 for 2 kgs he said, it was that cheap. A man even ate a raw piece of meat and recommended that we try black cat's blood."