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Viral verification – We try to provide different flavours of news for everyone in the world. Our news items covers news items from appeasement politics in India, politics, living, viral verification, sports, movie reviews and day to day news. We also cover information about new mobile phones in the gadget section along with finance and world news. In this article we wanted to cover on what we do as a part of viral verification, simply for a social cause.

On every viral news that we publish, we give readers the below information -

Our WhatsApp Number is +91 78922 31645. It is NOT a real-time support. 
Please Let us know your feedback on our viral message and Ayupp. You can also send us any viral message or any News for verification. 

Our service is not real time and there might be delay in getting back to readers.

Viral market industry is growing very fast and the message once spread grows like a fire in a jungle. It takes little effort by the creator of such messages to spread the message as there are thousands of medium by which the sender can transmit the message from one mobile to another, one computer to another, one place to another place and from one Country to another country.

The spam message industry has been growing like disease and causing huge loss to giant companies like Google, yahoo and Facebook.

How does a hoax message spread?

With the spread of Internet and networking the communication and reach of every individual have widely increased across the globe. Often we get a sentimental arousing message and without verifying the authenticity of the message we simply promote the message. The problem is also that we don’t get any proper place where we can verify this spam messages.

What are the medium which help increase this viral content?

With the increase of internet penetration across the countries and especially remote areas it has really become simple to spread any message. The mediums such as Email, WhatsApp, snapchat, Facebook and twitter are some of the highly advanced social medium sites which help spread a man or women to spread any messages.

Different types of messages

The messages can be of the type of an article, Image, video, audio and any digital file. The content is such that it can be easily spread. The Different format of viral spam messages include Inter phishing, hoax messages, death Rumours, Internet spams, WhatsApp rumours, Facebook messages, controversial contents are spreading like anything.


What we do at Ayupp for viral message verification

Here at we have a dedicated team of professionals we give their best efforts to go into the depth of any message and verify that spam message from any part of the world.  We take time in analysing the viral messages across the globe.  Our dedicated team are not full time employees, but they want to contribute to society in some way and they feel that by eradicating hoax news they are somehow helping people and cleaning the huge spam market.

They keep check on the WhatsApp number (+91 78922 31645) and also keep checking social media posts like Facebook and twitter and day to day news. As soon as they find something annoying or wrong, they start doing their research.

To find the relevance of the viral news we dig into various sources and fake sites. Many times videos on YouTube help us to find the authenticity of the news and many times Twitter/Facebook is also very helpful to go into the depth of any hoax news. It depend on the type of news that is being spread. All the members in my team are highly qualified professionals working in MNCs. So if the news is related to technology then they take it as a challenge and use their own expertise to know the root cause.

What you need to do?

As a citizen from the world if you are reading this message, do save our WhatsApp number (+91 78922 31645) in your mobile and send us any spam message. If you find any message, video, article, audio which looks like a spam or viral message. If you think the message you received is not authentic and have any doubt on the message. Do help society by not spreading such messages further, but do send us the message for more verification. This will help other people on the internet from being carried away by any such messages.  You can also submit your viral message on ayupp viral or send us the viral message on our google email

About The Author

Pravin Pathak is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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