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sweet home

Designing a new home is a big challenge for a newly wed couple,but it can be quite fun if the couple do it together. The key to settling together is to strike a balance and a happy environment. A couple should have their bedroom like a suite, especially if they are living in a joint family. This will give them some privacy and space. By suit it means having a small house within a home that will have a small living room plus entrance lobby, and a glass door which will lead to their their bed room. With this if a couple has to invite their close friends they can take them to their part of the house,”. If a couple are living separately and their taste are not alike then they should sit together and can do compromise, like if one person like classic and the other contemprory then they both should sit and go for a fusion home.

While bying furnitures and accessories for home one should see it should be under your budget. Furthermore, before purchasing any piece of furniture, utility and aesthetic is most important aspect of the selection process.The sofa must be comfertable and sink which make it cozy for the couple to relax and unwind together.The look of the room should be not heavy and opulent ,but elegant and stylish.

Make shure that the color of the bedroom is soothing to the eys like pink, peach, green and beige and other light colours. Dress up you bed in finest soft cotton linen or smooth silk and satin; and prefer the bed linen with soft colours like pink or pastel shades, or red with a pattern.

Now-a-days there are many impressive range of fabrics and designs available in the market.One can get bedcovers in cotton, rich luxurious fabrics with variety of desiegn nad patterns.A colourful bed cover with complementing cusions can transform the room by adding vibrant colours and themes.

Decorate room with colorful and fragrant candles. To lighten the mood one can use sof lighting in the room. The couple should adorn their room with the photos of their wedding, or honeymoon,. A ccording to vastu , a couple should keep love birds,mandarin duks or two hearts inculcating feeling of togetherness. It is always said that the couple should use single mattress to sleep and not join to seperate mattress.

While setting-up the kitchen, invest in apppliances which will make cooking easy like microwave, blender, food processor, vegetable steamer and more.

Home should be the place that radiate positive energy love, and warmth. It is a place where you'll share once feelings, likes and dislikes,love and affection. Hence make it an abode of love and happiness.