Diwali 2021: Heart patients should take care of these things on Diwali, health can be heavy

India: Heart patients need to take utmost care of themselves on Diwali. This is because the smoke emanating from firecrackers is most harmful to heart patients. Firecrackers contain lead, due to which heart patients are more prone to heart attack and stroke. This is because the smoke coming out of the firecrackers goes into the body along with the breath, due to which the flow of blood starts getting obstructed. A person can suffer a stroke due to not getting enough blood to the brain. In such a situation, today we will tell you some such things that heart patients should take special care of.

Heart patients should avoid high-pitched firecrackers

On the day of Diwali, many people burn crackers with a very loud sound. In such a situation, keep in mind that the heart patient should stay away from firecrackers. The loud sound of firecrackers can increase the risk of a heartbeat. Which increases the risk of a heart attack?

Do not take too much stress

Diwali, the work in the house becomes more. In such a situation, many people take so much stress of work that their heartbeat becomes unbalanced. This puts more pressure on the heart and increases the risk of a heart attack. So avoid taking stress.

Do not forget to take medicine

Heart patients should not be negligent towards medicines at all. Take regular medicine and if possible stay away from the noise of crackers on Diwali.

Get enough sleep

On the day of Diwali, so much work increases in everyone's house that people do not get enough sleep. If you do this too, be careful. Doing so can be harmful to the health of heart patients.

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