Fake viral! PM Narendra Modi offering free Rs 500 recharge on whatsapp

WhatsApp Fake message: Ever since the demonetisation was announced, there were hundreds of fake news and WhatsApp has become a common platform for all this messages as most of the messages are being circulated here. Who can forget the radioactive ink theory.

A new message of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in huge circulation this days

One such viral message this days, is a message on WhatsApp claiming that the Prime Minister is offering a free Rs 500 recharge to all Indians.

The text message reads as , “Rs 500 balance for every Indians. Reforming India. Modiji giving free balance. Click here.” The words ‘click here’ are followed by a link to a new webpage, which once tapped on, asks a user to share their personal details like, their contact number, operator name and the state they live in. When a user fills these details up, a dialog box with recharge amount of Rs 500 written on it is placed below on the page.

When a user does all the above nothing happens, but he ends up giving his personal information, which the spammer would use it in future for certain purpose and it can be seriously harmful to you as well.

the spam message in the name of modi also asks users to “invite those who are in troubles, you need to invite at least 15 friends or groups to tell about Rs 500 balance.”

Hence it is highly request from ayupp team not to pay any value to such messages and strictly do not forward it, as it is a hoax message, rather delete it immediately.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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