Food for winter season in India that will keep your body warm

New Delhi: As the temperature goes down rapidly during the winter season in India, It is common to have a cold, cough due to a cold. But if you catch a cold, it can bother you for several days. In such a situation, there is also a risk of getting a fever, body pain or any infection. If you are alert before the onset of winters and take special care of your diet along with your daily routine, then diseases will be far away from you. 

It is important to keep our body warm and there is a certain food that can help you to control your temperature. Today we will tell you about such food that can keep your body warm from the inside by including it in the diet during winter. It will also help in preventing infection. 

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Ginger has been used for centuries to aid digestion and boost the immune system. Its anti-inflammatory properties work well on allergies. 


Turmeric, rich in medicinal properties, is considered very beneficial in terms of health. Drinking turmeric milk in the winter season gives warmth to the body from the inside. 

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Jaggery is locally known as "gur/gud" not only improves your digestive system but also keeps you warm. Consuming jaggery in winter can be very beneficial. It contains all the essential nutrients like iron, vitamin C, protein, magnesium and potassium. Including it in the diet, in the form of jaggery tea, groundnut-jaggery, jaggery and chana or in any form helps in boosting immunity, which reduces the risk of getting vulnerable to seasonal infections significantly. 


Just a spoonful of ghee daily can help keep you warm and healthy in winters. Ghee is considered a good source of Vitamin-E and Vitamin-A which is helpful in protecting you from many diseases. Due to a lack of moisture in the winter season, the skin becomes dry and itchy. This problem can be avoided by including ghee in the diet. 

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Dry Fruits:

Dates are rich in fibre, iron, calcium, vitamins and magnesium. In winter, it is recommended to consume it daily in the morning with warm milk. The amount of fibre present in dates lowers cholesterol, which significantly reduces the risk of heart-related diseases. 


Cinnamon promotes the body's metabolism, helps in generating heat in chilly weather and needs to be a part of your winter healthy food list.

Hot Soups

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