For good luck offer this flowers to Maa Durga on Navratri 2021

Navratri 2021: Maa Durga is the most powerful Goddess of strength and justice. There are special types of lucky patterns of gods or goddesses and a combination of flowers, fragrance and colour and they are directly related to the Vastu Shastra of the house.

Recognizing this, Indian sages have said in Tantrasara, Mantra Mahodadhi and Laghu Harit that white and yellow flowers are dear to Shri Vishnu. Surya, Ganesh and Bhairav like red flowers, while Lord Shankar likes white flowers. But what is important is which energy pattern, which colour or smell is not favourable.


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On the first day of Navaratri, a fast is observed for Goddess Shailaputri. Hibiscus flower and pure ghee are offered to the deity in her feet and the deity blesses her devotees with a disease-free life.

Goddess Brahmacharini is worshipped on the second day. She blesses her devotees with purity and piousness if she is offered chrysanthemums or shevanti flowers. She loves sugar in food. The Goddess also blesses you with long life.

The third day is dedicated to Chandraghanta. Worshipping this form of the goddess with lotus flower and milk or milk sweets may help you get rid of all sufferings and worldly problems.

Kushmanda Devi loves jasmine flowers. Her favourite food is maal pua. These two offerings can please her and when she is pleased, she bestows her devotees – power, strength and intellect.

On the fifth day, Skandamata is worshipped with yellow rose flowers. Banana is her favourite bhog. Offer these things to the goddess to get liberated from all the problems in your life and keep yourself physically fit.

Marigold is the favourite flower of Goddess Katyayani. On the sixth day of Navaratri, devotees worship this form of Nava Durga with jasmine flowers and offer her honey as bhog. The goddess blesses her devotees with good health, wealth and prosperity.


Kaalratri is the seventh incarnation. Offering her pass flora or Krishna kamal flower and jaggery may make you fearless, tension-free and calm.

On the eighth day, Mahagauri is worshipped by offering her Arabian Jasmine or mogra flowers and coconut. The goddess may bless you with peace and tranquillity. She also fulfils the wishes of childless couples with children.

Siddhidatri Devi loves to be worshipped by champa flowers. Sesame seeds are offered to please her. The goddess may bless you with power and energy. Also, she may remove the unpleasant things and happenings from your life.


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