Get maximum benefits while doing Karva Chauth, what men can do to help wife

New Delhi: According to the Hindu calendar, every year on the Chaturthi of Kartik Krishna Paksha, Karva Chauth fast is observed by women for the long life of their husbands. This time the festival of Karva Chauth is falling on Sunday, October 24. This day is very special for married women. There is also Sankashti Chaturthi on this day, so there is a law to worship Ganesha. On Karva Chauth, married women observe a Nirjala fast throughout the day and end the fast after offering prayers to the moon at night. On the day of Karva Chauth, women follow the rules of fasting, but on this day husbands along with married women should take special care of some things.

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How you can get maximum benefit while doing Karva Chauth

  1. Men should not fight with their wives on Karva Chauth
  2. On this day men should take full care of their wives.
  3. Try to keep the wife happy on this day
  4. On this day gifts, etc. can also be given.
  5. One should avoid getting angry with Karva Chauth and respect yourself as well as other women.
  6. Men should keep the sweetness in your speech

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Chaturthi date of Krishna Paksha starts - 24th October starting at 3:2 am in the morning

Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha ends - October 25 at

5:43 am. Moonrise will happen at 7.51 pm.

What is Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a festival celebrated by Hindu women, mostly from the Indian Subcontinent on the fourth day after Purnima in the month of Kartika. In Hinduism, Karva Chauth holds special significance for married women. On this day, married women keep a Nirjala (without water) fast for the long life of their husband and happy married life. Every married woman eagerly waits for this day. According to the Hindu calendar, Karva Chauth is observed every year on the Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik. This year Karva Chauth Vrat is falling on Sunday, 24 October. On this day, women break the fast after offering Arghya to the moon at night. This time the fast of Karva Chauth

is going to be very special because this year an auspicious coincidence is being made on Karva Chauth. So let us know what is the auspicious coincidence on Karva Chauth and what is the time of moon and worship method.

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