Rajasthan: For the first time a work was done with administrative assistance in Rajasthan, A Green Corridor was created to transport a mother's milk from Bhilwara to Ajmer. The Green Corridor is usually made to carry human organs for swift transportation. However on Wednesday (May 31) the Bhilwara administration carried out the delivery of 62 liters of breast milk with the help of Ajmer administration.

A distance of 150 km was just covered in just 2 hours. The most challenging task for the administration and doctors was to carry the mother's milk from the Bhilwara to Ajmer at a temperature of minus 20 degrees. It has to be known that breast milk can be kept safe at very low temperatures, but due to the heat in Rajasthan these temperatures usually range between 45 degrees and 50 degrees.

In this sense, the work was extremely challenging. According to the report of the English website NDTV, the Collector of Bhilwara, Anandlal Vaishnav took clearance from all the toll plazas in the way to make this work successful beforehand.

To overcome the problems of the road, an escort car of the police was also running along with the milk-filled air-conditioned van. According to Anandi Lal Vaishnav, the entire traffic movement was being monitored by GPS so that the work could be successfully done. There was no bank for mother's milk in Ajmer's government hospital. However the Ajmer hospital needed it, when the hospital officials contacted Bhilwara Hospital about this, milk was available there but it was a problem to bring 150km of milk in this summer.

State Advisor of Milk Bank Project Devendra Agarwal said that Ajmer has infant mortality rate and there is a shortage of milk here, so we decided to transport milk from Bhilwara. According to doctors, the mother's milk can reduce the child mortality rates by 16 to 22 per cent. In this regard, this scheme can be very successful. In Rajasthan, 3,500 mothers have voluntarily decided to donate their milk to the milk bank. This decision of women has proved to be boon for infants.  

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