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New Delhi: Hanuman Ashtami is celebrated on the Ashtami date of Krishna Paksha of Paush month. This time it has come in the witness of Hasta Nakshatra and Shobhan Yoga on Monday. The festival of Hanuman Ashtami is celebrated to commemorate the victory day of Hanumanji. According to a legend, Ahiravan took Rama and Lakshmana captive to Hades in Treta Yuga. Then Hanumanji had freed Ram-Lakshman from bondage by killing Ahiravan and came to rest in the city of Avantika. This day was the Ashtami of Paush month. Then Shri Ram had given this boon that all the wishes of the devotee who worships Hanuman in accordance with the law on Paush Krishna Ashtami will be fulfilled.

On the day of Hanuman Ashtami, there is Hasta Nakshatra and Shobhan Yoga and there is yoga which gives accomplishment in all works. On this day, worship of Hanumanji has special significance for the peace of Mars, Shani, Rahu-Ketu. On this day, special adornment of Hanumanji is done in the temples and Naivedya of sweets is applied. Special lessons are performed.

Who celebrates Hanuman Ashtami

Hanuman Ashtami is celebrated in the cold month of December; it is celebrated in the different temples of Ujjain. The nine-day event of Hanuman Ashtami, which is celebrated only in Ujjain, has started in different temples. Attractive decorations, lights have started in the temples. Due to the festival, Maha Aarti, Akhand Ramayanaji and Sundarkand, Hanuman Chalisa have started to be organized.

What to do on Hanuman Ashtami

For the peace of Shani, Mars and Rahu-Ketu on Hanuman Ashtami, offer Chola to Hanumanji by mixing vermilion in jasmine oil. Offer gram flour laddus. Offer a garland of jasmine flowers to Hanumanji. This will make all the work enjoyable.

On the day of Hanuman Ashtami, by placing a red triangular flag on the top of the Hanuman temple, there will be protection everywhere and victory everywhere.

On this day, sitting in the south-facing Hanuman temple, doing 21 recitations of Hanuman Bahu Ashtak gives freedom from diseases. Troubles are destroyed and enemies are protected.

Taking the vermilion from the right toe of the idol of Hanumanji and making a swastika at the main door of the house protects the family from troubles. The financial condition remains pleasant.

On this day, after reciting Sunderkand, applying Naivedya of desi ghee pudding to Hanumanji, one gets all the pleasures.

On the day of Hanuman Ashtami, recite Hanuman Chalisa seven times and do 108 circumambulations, the resolution that you take in your mind will be fulfilled.

Offer sweet paan to Hanumanji for the peace of Mars.

On this day, offering red lentils on a black stone Shivling will bring peace to Mars.

For the peace of Shani, worship Hanuman on the day of Hanuman Ashtami. Chant 11 rounds of Om Hun Hanumante Namah with a rosary of black hakik or Rudraksha.

Festival begins at Baba Bal Hanuman Mandir

The day of Paush Krishna Paksha Ashtami holds great importance in the city of Avantika. This is a big festival day for Hanuman devotees; this festival celebrated only in Ujjain city in the whole of India has a special relationship with the residents of Avantika. This festival is celebrated with great pomp in the whole city. According to the festival coordinator Shriram Kathavyas Sulabh Shantu Guruji, along with the whole city, Shri Bal Vijay Mast Hanuman temple located in Shri Mahakaleshwar courtyard is celebrated with great pomp in the form of a nine-day festival. It has been launched. Shringar and Shri Ramcharitmanas Pothi were worshipped. The lesson will go on continuously for 9 days in a monotonous manner. After the aarti every evening, devotion will be done with the melodious hymns of Hanuman Ji. A day before Hanuman Ashtami, the attractive makeup of Shri Bal Hanuman Ji will be done. On December 27, on the day of Hanuman Ashtami in the morning. In Kaal Aarti, laddus made of 11 thousand gram flour will be served. The lesson on Ramayana, which has been going on for 9 days at 2 pm, will be completed. Purnahuti will be held at 4 o'clock and Baba's Maha Aarti will be performed at 7 pm. After that Prasad distribution will be organized among the devotees.

Sahastrachan with flowers in Baba Gumandev Hanuman Temple Baba will be worshipped with flowers

Under the Ashtami festival at Shri Gumandev Hanuman Temple located at Piplinaka. Pujari Pt. Chandan Shyamnarayan Vyas told that this festival has started from 19th December, whose completion will be held on 27th December, Monday at Abhijeet Muhurta at 12.15 pm, Shri Hanuman Ashtami. With the recitation of Akhand Ramayana, special worship is being done every day with Panchamrit Poojan Abhishek, organ worship and wishing for the world's good. Sahastrachan was performed on 21st December with different types of flowers. At 8.30 pm, the prasad of dry fruits was distributed after performing aarti. On 27th, Mangal Aarti will be done at 9 am and Maha Aarti will be done at 8.30 pm.

Panchkundiya Mahayagya at Ujdkheda Hanuman Temple

Due to Shri Hanuman Ashtami Festival, religious programs are being organized at Ujdkheda Hanuman Temple with the inspiration of Sadgurudev Ranchoddas Maharaj to commemorate Hanuman Ashtami Festival. Shri Ram Naam chanting and Panchkundiya Shri Ram-Maruti Manas Mahayagya will run from 22 to 26 December. On the other hand, Mahayagya Purnahuti and Bhandara will be held on December 27. According to program coordinator Vikram Singh Patel, a Mahayagya will be organized from 10 am on 26th December, whose completion will be on 27th December.

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