This article deals with the reasons how bad sleep leads to weight gain.

Staying without food a day, would not affect you the following day however if you don't sleep for a day, it can have an effect on your body for about a week. You tend to feel tired too often, drowsy and it further affects your daily activities as well. Hence having adequate and a good night's sleep is extremely important for a healthy living. One among the worst effects of bad sleep is weight gain.

In order to shed that extra weight, one might take up several measures - workouts, non-stop exercise, dieting, but all these steps fail to reap the desired results. Hence, it is always better to know the exact cause and then work towards it.

Here is a list of reasons how bad sleep can leads to weight gain.

       1. Exercise very Late at Night: It increases the body temperature and leads to hormonal imbalance. Thus Heavy exercise late at night affects your sleep and it also leads to weight gain. However, light exercises  can be done.

  1. Eating Dinner Late: It is well know that there should be minimum two hours of gap between dinner and your sleep. This helps in proper digestion of the meal and helps you to sleep well. You should not hit the bed as soon as you finish your dinner as this will not let you sleep well and lead to excess weight gain.

    3. Sleeping With Lights On: Many people have the habit Sleeping with lights as they are not happy to be in darkness. This affects the quality of sleep, normally the person will wake up early, thus insufficient sleep. This can leads to weight gain. This is caused due to certain biological factors.
    4. Sleeping Late At Night: Sleeping late everyday affects your quality of sleep and causes hormonal imbalance and this will lead to an increase in the body weight. Several studies have shown that those who go to sleep by 11.00 pm remain healthy.

    5. Room Temperature: When you sleep the body releases fat burning hormones. If the room is too warm, it affects your sleep as the body cannot cool down and this affects the fat burning process and thus one tends increase in weight.

    6. Clothes Affect Sleep: Clothes also affect one's quality of sleep. If you wear uncomfortable tight clothes, which in turn will not allow you to sleep properly, thus may lead to weight gain.

    7. Lack Of Sleep: A healthy adult requires a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to an increase in the hunger hormone and one ends up eating more.

As the proverb is said, Early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.

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