Coffee has been a common choice of drinks for many over the decade, however many don’t like the color of the coffee. The black/brown color of the coffee is hated by many and it is often the reason which leaves your clothes dirty if it falls on it.

However there is Nothing better than a refreshing cup of coffee early in the  morning. The aroma and the flavors givens us a refreshing new feeling every time we drink. However the drawback of coffee is it stains your teeth and if you’re clumsy enough, your clothes.

Finally found a solution to these hideous stains – Clear Coffee.

Slovakian brothers- David and Adam Nagy invented CLR CFF aka Clear Coffee. Being heavy coffee drinkers, the brothers wanted to fix the problem of dental staining without having to give up their favorite beverage and taste. The clear coffee is just like plain water.

This is what Clear Coffee looks like:


A post shared by Clear Coffee (@clrcff) on

A post shared by Clear Coffee (@clrcff) on

A post shared by Clear Coffee (@clrcff) on

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