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If you have no plans for marriage, never do these things

Some relationships can be only causal. They may not be bounded into chains by promises. And some relationships may have longer span and they may need all your emotional investment.

People often raise Hopes in the other people by showing positive side of the relation, like if you are not serious about someone, you don't need to act serious and try to give a false impression to that person.

Things which should not be done if you have no plans for marriage are

  1. Never Promise Marriage

Until you are really serious about someone, it is better to avoid the promise of marriage as it raises hopes in that person. He or she may start growing attachment and it would be tough for them to move on later on in life.

2. Don’t Tell Everyone You're Dating

 If you are serious about that person, then only you should be telling the whole world, otherwise it is morally wrong in telling the whole world about your dating episodes.

3. Sleeping With That Person Too Often

Whether we believe in it or not, physical intimacy also grows attachment. And when you don't have marriage plans, think again because attachment may make it tough to forget that person when you have to move on.

4. Talking About Future

Always talking about a common future may raise hopes in that person and if you aren't serious about that person, it would be misleading.

5. Trying To Change Your Life

 If you don't have any intention to marry someone, you don't need to change yourself too much for any reason.

6.Patching Up After Every Fight

If there are too many fights, you don't need to patch up all the time unless you are serious about sharing your life with that person. In fact, even in such a case, sometimes it is better to let the other person make the effort to patch up. If someone really wants you, they too should make an effort.