Is Sugar addictive 2017: Today the average consumption of Sugar in average public has gone much high.  Sugar is available in almost all of the food we eat out side and the worst is from the cold drinks we drink.

The Different Mediums of Sugar Love

It’s available in the morning cup of coffee, tea, cakes, cookies and the sprinkles which we often do on our breakfast cereals.

It is available in the hidden form and often in carbonated form which is even more dangerous to us. It is available in sodas, fruit juices, candies, and ice cream. It also lurks in almost all processed foods, breads, meats, and even your favorite condiments like Worcestershire sauce and ketchup.

A single teaspoon of Sugar can lead up to one kg of body fat in a year and other metabolic bad effects. Sugar is present everywhere and many of us are assume Sugar is available only in the teaspoon of Sugar we take.

Sugar is such a addictive substance that not even our tongue taste can ignore it and as well the whole of the human body itself also support it and allow it in most of the form, without disallowing it. Sugar is seen as a happy festival food, which is always welcomed.

Much intake of Sugar leads to metabolic diseases like diabetes and other side impact of this disease like coronary heart disease, insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome, lowered immunity, polycystic ovary syndrome, impaired brain function and increased risk to cancer.

Just like cocaine and Nicotine in cigarette Sugar as well is addictive in nature, which means the more you take, the more you demand for and you would like to take more and more.

It uses the same neurological pathways as narcotics, to hit the pleasure centre of the brain that sends out the signals: to eat more and more

 An article found on says that Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine.

WHO recommended Sugar intake to half, from 10 per cent to 5 per cent of the total caloric intake, it is about 4-6 teaspoons a day for an average 2,000-calorie diet.

Some of the steps that can be helpful and reduce Sugar from our diet are

  1. Reduce or eliminate: It is important either you just stop eating the Sugar related food or reduce it. You can start from your morning, when you wake up and take the tea. Start taking it without Sugar. If you are someone who takes a hell lot of Sugar now then you can reduce slowly over time because, stopping suddenly can make you feel low and sick.
  2. Reading Labels: How often you read the labels when you buy any product. Make this as a habit believe me this will reduce even more of your Sugar in the food.
  3. Sugar free doesn’t means without Sugar: Various other terms are also used to define Sugar like honey, jaggery, molasses, barley malt, brown Sugar, cane Sugar, corn sweetener, corn or agave syrup, sucrose, lactose, fructose, glucose, dextrose, maltose, galactose, grape Sugar.
  4. Infinite source of Sugar be watch full: Healthy fruit juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee, shakes and juices, sweetened wines, beer, liquors and mixed alcoholic drinks all add to sugar calories indirectly as well be watch full.
  5. Carbohydrates food: Foods like white breads, pastas and so forth might not taste sweet, but they are only one step away from Sugar. Two slices of bread are equal to two tablespoons of Sugar. So your body really does not need Sugar.
  6. Already Diabetic or having any other health issue: If you are already diabetic or having any other health issue, consult your doctor before attempting any of the Sugar control methods.
  7. Vegetables: Take as much as vegetables as part of your daily food, surely this will help you reduce your Sugar intake in the body.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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