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It’s time to ponder on Childrens Day

Festive season is on, we all like to be with our family friends, neighbours and relatives. Have you ever noticed when you meet your old friends how you react, “those were the days” you starts with, you laugh, your face flickered with joy, you keep on saying and thinking aloud. And suddenly you realize that good time is over, days are passed, everything is change. The child in you is lost somewhere, it’s gone and it’s not possible to go back or bring it back.

 It’s time to ponder over this. And what will be the perfect time then Children’s Day. Sit and introspect. When was your last louder laugh?  When did you stop having fun? There is no dought our liabilities are more, our connected lives have made us more disconnected with people  around. Our maximum time is consumed in achieving things which is mortal. As we all know it’s difficult to behave like a child but are we happy?

Zarine Zebelina and Michael Robinson, who carried out a study on adult creativity in the US, came to the conclusion that the more an adult think and act like a child, the more imaginative he/she can become. It’s not that we are ignorance but the thing is we have forgotten to be ingenious. We have grown into grumpy old men and women.

Psycologist  Archana Sharma feels it’s not impossible to do it now, we simply need to loosen up. As an adult we keep ourselves too controlled. Like the saying goes, we have to dance as no one is watching, sing as if no one listening.

Actress Sana Khan says ‘’ I try to remain happy without a reason. I forgive and forget easily. I carry no grudges. I always focus on the brighter side of things’’. We have become generation who has witness accelerated success with accelerated aging. And there is a desire in every adult to keep the child in you alive, live for present and don’t think of future, laugh out loud from the heart, enjoy every moment, Please yourself instead of others and at last be a child.