Jallikattu: The long existing bull taming sport in Tamil Nadu, jallikattu, continues to be a non ending issue. The Supreme Court has refused to buzz from its interim order even though the state government is pressing hard.

The age old Jallikattu culture is necessary to preserve our culture and live with the society where were livestock are around us. Though animal care is needed, we need to be closer to this animals which otherwise are getting replaced by mechanical things.

The tradition in Tamil Nadu and south India is very strong often it leads to the socialization of animals and the human being. There is also a fear among tamilians that if Jallikattu is banned, the farmers in the state will be forced to abandon raising the old native livestock which is already less due to extensive use of motor pumps, tractors and mechanized agriculture. Taming and playing with the animals even give a healthy environment to all the people and animals itself.

Remember together we can build a society, however animal care is important.

How the ban started

  1. The first time when bulls when added to the list of animals banned from being used for training, performance or exhibition in 2011.
  2. In 2014 the central government removed bulls from this list of banned animals, since Bull was part of the sport Jallikattu and a culture being widely followed in Tamil Nadu.
  3. The animal welfare organisations, including PETA, have consistently taken the issue to court since then, with rulings being in their favour.
  4. The Supreme Court ordering a ban in May 2014, but the Centre went ahead in January last year, to revoke the ban and order that the sport can be continued as long as the bulls were treated properly.
  5. Once again the Supreme Court upheld the earlier ban and said that the government notification would be void given the earlier ruling.
  6. The legal tussle aside, supporting jallikattu has become a pet cause for actors in the film industry.
  7. Tamil film industry including Kamal Hassan, Vijay Sethupathi and Simbu have fervently come out against the ban.

    Watch the video below and other support from all the fraternity of the society


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