Rubella Vaccination – Recently a news has been circulating in social media that Measles Rubella injection is a slow poison. The below message is circulated:

Very very Important msg
Newly invented injection for Smallpox treatment MR – VAC. But actually it is not true. This medicine has been band in many countries. Now this MNC are sending this injection through this Modi government to all schools to inject all children compulsory. Please educate your children, not to take this injections at any cost. It is slow poison which will affect the future of the child as well as future generations also.

It is fake news and aimed at undermining the vaccination drive which is planned to be held from 6th February to 28th.

As per the information provided by health department officials – It is fake alert and vaccination drive will be conducted on its scheduled time. The viral message was spread on social media which claimed that this vaccination can affect immunity and memory power in children’s. It contained videos which informed that such vaccines are nothing more than advertisement for the sale of MR vaccine, which is manufactured by foreign company.

The reporter of The News Minute was speaking to Dr C Vijayabaskar, Health Minister of Tamil Nadu who  said that - "This vaccine has been around for the past 20 years and it costs about Rs 1000. For the first time in India, the WHO and the government have given an opportunity to our state at request (to administer the vaccine for free) - because our health system and infrastructure are good. Just like we eradicated polio, we should eradicate measles as well as rubella and that's the intention behind this."

For more information  – read the article published in The News Minute .

The Health Department has warned people who are spreading fake message and strict action can be taken against them. These vaccines are 100% safe and manufactured by an Indian Company named Serum institute of India Private limited. The rumours claimed that it is a foreign manufacturer.

As per Hindu – The department is targeting total number of 7,88,818 children’s, which includes both school going and non-school going. These are aged between 9 months to 15 years. Around 24,969 schools of the district of the State will be covered under these program. Both private and government schools have agreed their participation.

This news has create an environment of unrest among the parents all around the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Parents have started to think that why do they need some vaccination programs. They are even ready to pay 1000 rupees for vaccination instead of going through the government initiative.

Conclusion - Health Daparment has confirmed that - Measles Rubella (MR) is completely safe vaccine. Social media claims that MR-VAC injection is a slow poison is fake news.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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