Bengaluru – Silicon Valley of India is not only famous for IT (Information Technology), but also for the varieties of temples in the city.  Worshiping God gives us peace of mind and relaxes our mind so that we can fight any obstacles in our life. It gives us strength so that we can overcome any issues that comes to our life with patience and self-confidence. Worshipping God also opens the door to reach to divine enlightenment.

But, all these things are not true with respect to some of the temples in Bengaluru. I have been visiting Murugeshpalya Shiv temple from last 8 years and have seen how this place has transformed from a Shiv Dham to Business Dham. I used to go here and often participated in evening and midnight aarti. I used to put a lot of money in the charity box unanimously. Looks like things have changed drastically from last 1-2 year. To see God you need to pay minimum 100 Rupees (though you can enter freely as well, but the MBA employees will try to fool you and force you to take Special passes). Once you enter the temple at each point you will see people standing with Debit/credit card machine to offer more services. You can even see a board which informs about the best employers ( Project manager, employers, etc). In a very small place, there is very beautiful structure of Lord Shiva and Ganesha. There is also good place to sit and chant your prayers. Everything is good about this place other than the staff who seems to be second god and fool people to take out money from people's pocket.

Trust me, you will feel like you are back to your office, where we offer services to our client. Is this a temple of some IT company? I am highly confused.

Aren’t these places supposed to provide Worship to God rather than flourish new business opportunity? I am very big devotee of Lord Shiva and being Hindu, I feel ashamed that why are we insulting our Mahadev. I know these places cannot sustain without taking money from people and the Kailash type to structure that they have created requires a lot of funding and money. My only concern is that, why do we need to fool people and charge them money forcefully? I request the trust of Murugeshpalya Shiv temple to improve the management of this place, or else we will be defaming Bangalore and Lord Shiva by this attitude.

Author – It is my personal view about this temple and I have no intention to defame this place. My only concern is that management should improve and faith of common man should not be hurt. My apologies, if I am hurting anyone’s sentiments.

About The Author

Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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