OMG Mumbai Man Cuts 550 happy birthday cake to Celebrate Birthday

OMG! The young man cut 500 cakes together on his birthday! The video is viral

New Delhi: Every person wants to celebrate his birthday in a special way. Even people want to make it memorable. However, cake cutting on a birthday is also a part. Often you must have seen people cutting different types of cakes on their birthdays. But have you ever seen 550 cakes cut together on someone's birthday? Hardly anyone would have seen it. These days a similar video is going viral on social media in which a person celebrated his birthday in a unique way by cutting 550 cakes simultaneously.

In this video going viral, you can see that there are three tables on the road. At the same time, a person is holding a knife in both hands and is cutting cakes one after the other. People around there are seen enjoying it a lot. The name of the person cutting the cake is being told as Surya Raturi.

With knives in both hands, the person cutting the cake named, Surya, dressed in a white shirt, can be seen going on a cake-cutting spree as he rushes to cut 550 cakes quickly.

This video is reported to be from the Kandivali area of Mumbai. Locals can also be seen cheering as Surya rushes to cut all cakes in the 2.5-minute-long video. Locals are also seen motivating him and celebrated his big day by bursting party poppers, which were placed in the middle of cakes.

The people present there captured the moment on their phones and posted it on social media. After which this video became viral on seeing it. Even in the video, you can see that along with the person cutting the cake, no one is wearing a mask or following social distancing.

When the video went viral on the internet, local people started filing complaints against Surya Raturi. If seen, this is not the first case in which the way of celebrating a birthday has made headlines. In the past too, people have expressed anger due to the way of celebrating birthdays in many such videos. Let us tell you that many cases of corona are still coming from Maharashtra. In such a situation, gathering and celebrating people in this way can cause corona.

October last year, a video of a young man cutting a cake with a sword surfaced in Nagpur. However, the youth was later arrested by the police. In 2019, in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, a young man had cut a cake in the middle of the road on the occasion of his birthday. During this, he also fired in the air with a gun. The video of this incident also went viral on social media.


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