One day, Bhagavan's mother asked, "Why does that dog always like to stay in your lap?" Bhagavan turned to me and said, 'This dog is always in unwavering samadhi. A great soul has come in the form of a dog. Mother does not know this."

- FaceToFaceWithSriRamanaMaharishi

Raman Maharishi was a saint whose life revolved around the care of nature. You can alwasy see Birds and squirrels built their nests around his Ashram. Cows, dogs and monkeys found asylum in his Ashrama.

JP Nagar, Bengaluru : On 12th Feb, a group of people from JP Nagar, took a initiative which reminded me of Bhagwan Raman. 

A ray of hope has come to South Bengaluru for the street dogs. The founder members Sukanya, Venkat and Srividya have done a marvelous work by starting a shelter for street dogs. The inauguration was done by Shri Madhu Bangarappa (MLA, Sorab, Shimoga District - son of the former Chief Minister S. Bangarappa). He gave his best wishes for the success of this unique initiative. Madhu Bangarappa is also a dog lover and was very eager to help street dog. He said that it is very good initiative. It’s first dog shelter in South Bangalore.

The founders got Inspiration and support from  -

Sudha Narayan - Founder Trustee CARE

Vinay Moray - Founder Trustee Sarvodaya

Usha Madhan - Founder Trustee GIFV

Dr Girish - Blue Cross Bangalore

Vijay Nishant - Tree Doctor, Vruskha Foundation

Shamanth AR - SRS Seva Foundation

Nagabhushan Rao - Bangalore

Image - Team that made this dream come true.

Entire team was working from last three months to find a perfect shelter along with its founders.  It was a big challenge to have space in expensive city like Bengaluru. This trust is named as Love for Forgotten. It is much needed first of kind post care animal resting shelter in south Bengaluru, where the rescued Dogs will be given free care up to 7 days in distress.

Location: 32/33 royal county Park Road, Jambo savari dinne, JP Nagar 8th phase, Bengaluru 76

Facilities provided here –

  1. CCTV surveillance – So that the activities can be monitored anytime from anywhere.
  2. Dog collar is being made by this trust – cost effective measure.
  3. Upto 7 days of free fostering, food and post care for rescued dogs.
  4. Veterinary Doctor will be always be available at this site for the better care.
  5. Highly hygienic maintenance.

All the above mentioned facilities were made available from the inauguration day. The below images gives a lot of relief and peace.




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