Motherhod Sarjapur Hospital, Bangalore – Parenthood and motherhood are one of the most beautiful experiences in anyone lifetime. It changes you completely. Being a father we do not experience much changes. But mother is the one who faces drastic changes and she literally gets to live a new life.

In Bangalore, it’s very difficult to get genuine doctor who really understands your problems. Since Motherhood Sarjapur branch (maternity center) was near to our home so we decided to visit there. We just queried at the reception for any available doctor. In the first meeting with Doctor Deepmala we felt like we know her from a long time and started our trust and bond with Doctor. She is a very genuine doctor who talks to her patients like her family member. She will try to understand your problems and issues. The best part of Doctor is that she recommends a lot of natural cures. She would not prescribe any medicine unless and until it is really necessary.

The way our relation was built with Doctor, we never stopped visiting Doctor for the next nine months and never had any doubts about her treatment. My wife followed all the mandatory things which is required to be strictly followed during pregnancy. For instance –
Daily morning yoga for 30 minutes and evening walk for half hour. She had completely stopped eating outside food and had all varieties of food in her daily diet as recommended by Doctor. Doctor had assured that we will be having normal delivery and we waited till the delivery date but labour pain didn’t start. Then with doctor’s consult we went for C-section.
In Bangalore we often hear that hospitals do C-section to earn money, but in my case I felt that doctor did what was best for my wife and I highly appreciate that.
We were blessed with baby boy on 12th march 2017 at night 10:15 PM. The beauty of Motherhood was that it has got very polite and soft speaking sisters (nurses), who will take care of your baby like their own baby.

We spent almost 3 days in hospital and never had even a single issue. Each hour sister would visit our room to check that status for mom and baby.
All thanks to Doctor Deepmala and Motherhood Hospital Sarjapur Branch!!!

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