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booksofrule safe driving, rules to drive safely on the road

These rules are basically for the two wheelers and the four wheelers who drive on the road without ever concerned for other people driving on the road. Remember it is others also who might be disturbed and irritated because of your wrong driving.

Some basic rules which we can follow while driving are

  1. Driving and honking: many drivers have the habit of only honking and less driving, actually this type of drivers are too afraid to go on the road and try to honk till the end of the destination they reach. This cases highly confusion especially in young drivers, girls and old drivers. Guys and girls please think of other people is it really important to honk too often while driving.


  1. Two wheelers drive like four wheelers: some of the two wheelers have the tendency to drive like the four wheeler and follow them where they go. This two wheelers stop as the four wheelers stop and follow their tail. Remember guys you are two wheeler you can take the left or the right side of the road if you have space and move ahead. Make some space and let the other two wheelers pass by if they are behind you.


  1. four wheelers drive like two wheelers: many four wheelers drive like two wheelers and try to move forward like the two wheelers even when the road is too thin and blocking the entire traffic behind.


  1. Zig zag driving on the road: some people drive in a zig zag manner thinking it’s there road and they can drive in all the possible ways. Many accidents have been caused because of this; guys please careful for your life and also for the others people life on the road.


  1. Driving on the busy road like driving F1 in a race and driving on the national highway like a snail: some people drive too fast on a busy road, they don’t know it hardly makes some minutes difference to their office. So why the hurry, drive save.

Friends follow some common sense and drive safe and think of others people life and health as well while driving on the road.