Schools is the great place where we make friends, get education and meet teachers who give us wisdom and knowledge to progress in life.

How should be your first day in school, is it a important question which every parent and every student must have answer to it. We all must know that the first impression is the last impression which always succeeds in life, so you should be very clear in making your first few days especially good which can make your future steps.

Rules to make your first few days..

Smile:- be happy and keep a smiling face, especially when you meet someone. Smile wins more heart than keeping a sad face. So be focused and have smile on your face.

Dress up properly: it is good if you are well dressed. People often judge a book by its cover. There are people who mostly go for good looks and dressings. We often remember a people how we met on the first day in the school. So make it your day.

Make a fresh start: - don’t be a judge from the very first day and don’t try to too many decision on the very day. Don’t keep a negative attitude towards your new school and the students.

Keep notes: - you can keep notes of the people whom you are meeting and will be meeting. Remember to know the names of your teacher, like who will be taking your classes and the students who will be studying with you.

Keep questions in mind:- keep questions in mind, that you might ask when needed. You can have questions like the dos and don’ts in the school. Questions regarding the course and books followed etc etc.

Unexpected environment:- some time you might come into some harsh environment you can have some miscommunication or some fights in schools. Be polite and move on. Never stick to issues.

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