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It’s common to see fight between a couple. Initially every young people notion is that they are not going to be like a common couple who fights now and then, but it’s not easy task to escape from it. All couple quarrel on certain things it can be on silly things or may be some major disputes, no matter how much they love each other. Life will be boring if couple doesn’t fight. We all have different personality so definitely we will have our own choices, own thinking, habits, ideas, the way we see our life. This is the reason we can’t agree with any person on everything.

For any healthy relationship it’s very important to keep certain points in mind while fighting, certain rules so that it may not hurt one another. It should be a friendly fight so that after fight you still be friendly and can cuddle each other.

Take it normal. Conflict is normal like any other conflict so don’t take it very seriously just learn from it

Often conflict shows us where we can or need to grow.

Respect each other. Friendly fight should be friendly instead of assaulting and insulting other, though you are fighting but you should attack the issue not the person.

Put yourself in the other's shoes. It means you should be a good listener, just stop and see what he or she wants to say, what’s their opinion regarding any matter. Put yourself in others shoes and then judge how they feel instead of continuously arguing.

Maintain your pitch. Yes you are in a fight mode but it doesn’t mean you have to scream and shout. The louder you yell the less likely you are heard. Make it possible that both of you are audible and can understand what you are trying to convey without raising voice.

Avoid fighting in public. If you are in public area please ignore fighting because no one like to see couple fighting if you have any issue, anything is bothering you have patience and deal it at home.

Never fight in front of your kids. If you have kids try not to fight in front of your kids. It’s very embarrassing when your kids ask you not to fight or sometimes if the fight is very serious they are scared and it affect their innocent mind. As a parent one should keep in mind that nothing is more important than the child because what they see they learn.

Take initiative to talk. Keep your ego aside and start a fresh talk to your partner it’s not who is right or wrong at last you have to find a solution that is workable for both of you.



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