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Rules to cope up with, staying with parents when you are adult

When you are young it is natural to stay with your parents and other family members.

However over the transition from young to adult and started being the sole earner in the house, it can make difficult to cope up together. Sometimes parents can be too much demanding and controlling your new job or marriage life, in this case it is extremely important for you to make a balance with your parents and your personal life. Parents are the one who brought you in this world and took care of your each and every needs when you were young, sacrificing their personal needs. Now as an adult you cannot just leave them and move away.

Here in booksofrule, we have come up with certain rules, ideas and thoughts which we think might be helpful to deal with the person who is important in your life, especially with your parents.

Rule 1: Everyone has personal space learn to respect: Older people have grown old practicing some of the habits which they felt was best way to deal with through out there life. Most of them did a lot of efforts to get to those habits. Let them enjoy their life.

Rule 2: Generation gap: everyone has different ideas and it does not matter whose idea is best or who wins and who loses, it is how you both go together. For example your taste and your parent’s taste of food, clothing etc might be different; it is how make a common arrangement that you both are happy.

Rule 3: Haste decision: don’t take too much hasty decision, but take a gradual one on showing your likes, dislikes with each other. Chances are your parents understand your need and make the right decision for you as well. As they have also gone through your age.

Rule 3: Listening your parents: Most parents just want someone whom they can talk to, it is all about sharing their thoughts in their minds. This is what makes them happy. Don’t react too much but listen more and take their solution on the things as well, until they are not expecting something from you as a suggestion.


Rule 4: responsibility: Parents like there kids, sons or daughter to take more responsibility in the house hold things or belongings. They like you taking care of the house and especially the culture of living. Many parent would not like loud noices in the house, say of computer speakers etc. they like the doors and windows are properly closed before all go to sleep and lots of this small things you might not notice but they do notice.

Rule 5: HELP: Yes, your parents are now old in age, they need your help in the day to day activities of there life.try cooking food for them, taking care of there clothing, favorite meal, there rooms fixes and lots of other things. They indeed love your every gesture you towards them. this in turn will make them happy and help you and your parent to stay together comfortably.

Rule 6: Health and medicines: have a close check on the health of your parents, see of any ailments and make them visit doctors. Take care of the medicine they eat. Take care of their emotion changes. This can help you find their problems in more.

Rule 7: Gold and diamonds: your parents are not something which can be purchased or sold. So treasure them with your love and respect towards them.

Rule 8: Blessed: remember there are people outside the world who have no one to share their thoughts and ideas. Who have no one to love them? it is this feeling you should have in yourself you should have to make feel and be proud and blessed by your parents.


(The Importance of education is not only in achieving knowledge and skill but but to help us to live with others- Pravin Pathak)