Job search is a process which can be very tough for many individual. A lot of us want to get a new job but we don't try hard enough. Job search is a process akin to losing weight or climbing a steep mountain.

The basic rules how to search for a job.

Rule1: Enough time

In the current age of internet make it sure to enough time every week until you land yourself a job. Mostly it is getting the information regarding the current job or the upcoming job ahead is important. So devote yourself maximum time to spread or look for information related to the job. You can see in the newspaper, internet and job consultancy across.

Rule2: Apply for jobs

Knowing and applying about the job at the right time is very important. Many a times we miss just by one or two days before we apply for a job and the vacancy of the job is over. There are many internet sites which can be used as a medium to look and search for the job. There are over 100 of job sites. Try apply in most of the sites.

Rule3: Updates of resume

Many of the sites in the job portals like,, require you to regularly update your resume. So that your resume is in the latest search by the employers. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes into your resume.

Rule4: Motivating factor

Try to keep your motivating factor high, pen down what you don’t like in your current job, so that you keep on moving in the search for the new job.

Rule5: Make an application goal. Apply for a minimum number of jobs every day. For instance, you might choose to apply for 6 to 10 jobs a day which match your closest interests. find a close match and apply.


Rule6: job search organizer

Organize your job search. Look for an online job search organizer and keep all your information in one place. Use the organizer to manage contacts and to plan your follow up activities so you make the most of the time you're investing.


Rule7: Network

Look for your old friends who were earlier working with you in some companies and forward your resume, chances are many of your friends or colleagues who were working on the same domain might help you in getting a job.


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