what are the rules to impress your mother in law

It’s a big day for you when you are ready to meet your mother-in-law. Always remember you are not marrying one person but you have to be in a relation with whole family so it’s very much imported to develop a great rapport with her. First meeting may really scare you, make you nervous your mind may wriggle, you are totally unaware about what to do and what not, so here is your all solution.

Go for a less makeup. Heavy makeup gives a fake impression of yourself , don’t put heavy makeup it won’t look good, go for a very light makeup, like a very light lipstick, kajal, few accessories and nicely comb hair.

Dress well. Second thing you should do is dress up well. If possible don’t wear revealing clothes, try to be simple and sober. Don’t wear high heels, be original don’t try to show what you are not.

Be polite. You should always keep a smile on your face and be polite to her whether you are agree on some points or not but don’t try to convince her so much always maintain politeness in your talk.

Don’t be so intimate with your partner. Don’t try to show your in-laws that how close you are with your partner, being touchy, kissing holding hands or hugging is not acceptable. It’s very annoying for the people who watch so maintain little distance from you partner.

Treat well to your spouse. In the presence of your mother-in-law be respectful towards your spouse. Show your in-laws that you respect and can take good care of him. Mother love to see if their kids are treated well by their partners. Without going over the top say good thing about your partners.

Appreciate her. Who does not like complement, so don’t forget to give a complement to your mother in law. It can be anything like her clothes, dressing sense, about how he keeps her house, about her food it can be anything no matter if you don’t like her attire or a house.

Don’t compete with her. Whatever she says just agree, never try to show you are a genius or you know more than her. Just go on nodding whatever she says whether you understand or not, like or not.

Don’t eat to much. May be you are a foodie but never show it to your mother-in-law, try to eat less and alcohol is a big no.

At last but not the list always keep a gentle smile on your face, be very friendly to her after all you are only going to join their family.