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Rules to keep improve kidney functions, how to improve your kidne functions

Rules to keep improve kidney functions

Kidney is the most important organ of a human body which is directly responsible for the blood cleaning.

So it is important that we take proper care of it. Some of the every day rules in our lifes can improve the functioning of the kidney greatly

The basic rules which can be adopted are

  1. Lose weight do exercise:- being overweight means the kidney has to work more. So it is important to have a healthy kidney you need to reduce your overweight. Doing exercise is the best way to improve your kidney function. Doing of exercise help our health in one way and that further affects the functioning of the kidney.
    1. Exercise reduces the risk of diabetics and improves blood sugar
    2. Reduces bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol
    3. Improves blood circulation
    4. Helps I weight loss
    5. Reduce stress and lifts mood disorders.

             @ One Improved blood sugar eliminates the number best known cause of kidney disease;              @ Two Improved blood pressure eliminates the second most common cause of kidney function;              @ Stress reduction takes the stress off the kidneys              @ Weight reduction reduces the body’s blood volume and therefore the kidneys do not need to filter so much blood.             @ Improved circulation nourishes the kidneys; Reduction of blood fats decreases a major complication in renal failure.


  1. Avoid smoking and drinking: - smoking and drinking increases the risk of kidney issues and several other problems. Better now than later in life you should quit smoking and drinking so that you can avoid any problems arising due to smoking and drinking. Alcohol is like a poison to the kidney.


  1. Sporty:- be more active in real life, like going outdoor, playing sports and doing regular exercises and reduce the chances of get any kidney related problems


  1. Drink lots of water: - drinking water can prevent from happening kidney stones. It is normally recommended to drink around 7 to 8 glasses of water every day.


  1. Eat moderate protein: - high protein diet can adversely affect the kidney, so it is advised to eat a moderate quantity of protein every day.


  1. Reduce sodium:- sodium is another cause of kidney related problems, so it is better to reduce them in the food quantity. And avoid taking extra sodium as top up on the food.