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Rules to make toddler eat

It’s a big challenging task for any mother to feed a child, specially those who are picky eaters. Usually these toddlers will never open their mouth to eat and if they open they will throw it out if they don’t like. The big questions for the mother is that they could not find out their likings sometimes they will eat and sometimes the same food they hate. Moms feels bad that they are starving their child, they start screaming, yelling and crying. All mothers has to go from the same situation, they are lucky whose kids love to eat. They have only one motto, how their child will eat, for this they pray, they go for various sight, they take suggestions from experienced mom, they try various tricks. Here are the most important lessons to learne, which should help you guide your kids to eat better.

Make a schedule- Children need to eat every three to four hours: three meals, two snacks, and lots of fluids and also try to serve meals on same time every day. If you plan for these, your child's diet will be much more balanced and he'll be less cranky, because he won't be famished.

If the child throws food- If the child throws the food, take away the food from him wait for an hour and offer it again. He may eat little, don’t panics if he doesn’t eat as much as you want, you are an adult not your child and remember all children appetite is different.

Don’t force- Don’t pressurize them to eat to eat, remember if you play food enforcer, your child will only resist. . Fill a plate and put it in front of your kid, and if he chooses not to eat it, take it away immediately. Don't offer them snacks or junk food or desserts between meals. You can use it latter or when they are in playful mood. There is no use in forcing them to eat food, if they are hungry they will definitely eat.

Make them independent- Some time kids love experimenting with food, allow them to do what they want, let them feel the texture of food, let them eat themselves, try their hands on food. Your house may get messy but gradually they will learn to eat.

Be a role model- kids mostly imitate their parents try to be a role model for them like… eat an apple in front of them and say ‘’it’s so yummy but please don’t eat my apple ‘’ children mostly won’t lesion if you ask them to eat they love to eat when we don’t ask them to eat so try this trick.

Make them eat with siblings or family- Don’t make them eat alone if siblings are their make them eat with them if not try to keep same timings for meals for all family members so the kids can pick and choose what they want. Children will enjoy food together.

Keep an option- Always fill the plate with plenty of option like…..in a plate you can keep veggies, fruits, chapattis, eggs and watch him eating if he eats little bit from each options he is anyways getting full nutrition.