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Rules to prepare for the 10th cbse examination, fast preparation for 10th exam.

10th exam is the most important stage in a student’s life. 10th CBSE board is the stage which sets the stage for the future of a student. We have done some extensive research as the 10th exam is round the corner to help students to secure good percentage in the 10th exam.

Before The Exams

Syllabus: - Keep a thorough understanding of the syllabus. The 10th CBSE board exam is little different unlike the previous years of a student’s life. As a student you can check with the school regarding this. You can keep a photocopy/print of this. As a parent it is important you know does the child had the syllabus with him or not.

Mood:- As a student you should be aware with your comfort zone of study. Weather you like silent place to study, weather you can manage noisy place to study or you are comfortable with any environment. Make sure you know your fastest way of grasping your studies.

Gadgets:- beware of the distraction esp. from mobile, tablets, laptops, pc games and lots of other things. Keep only those things around you which are really helpful for the exam.

Sample papers:- Don’t forget to get the previous year’s question papers, you can get a glimpse of the question formats being asked. This is highly helpful in the preparation, you can get to know the marks of the questions being asked for each format type. Ie you can get the idea which queston can carry what marks. Based on that you need to write based on the marks carried by each question.

Develop conceptual understanding:- try to develop a concept wise understanding of the syllabus. Will be helpful if there is a twist in the question being asked. Sometime a question can be asked in different format as you know.

Keep Health well:- The most important thing is to keep you health well at the time of exams. Avoid getting cold, fever etc, keep your food simple and avoid going outside too often from your house during exam as this may cause some health issues etc. it is often observed that many students get low percent at the time of exam due to sickness, and there is a regret throughout the carrier because of this.

Keep is simple:- Do not overcomplicate your complicate the studies. Make it simple


At the day of Exams:-

Let us suppose it is the day of your examination. Try to remember what whatever you have studied so far and train yourself to perform your level best in the exam. 

Here are the 5 mantras which will help you get through the next exams. 

  1. Don’t stay waking late last night:- You must have adequate sleep, have a healthy breakfast and be ready for exams by 8 am. If you have not been keeping a disciplined routine, your body will require 3-4 days to adjust to a new sleep and waking up pattern.
  2. No Don’t Study too much:- Allow vacant space to your brain to relax and tune itself for peak performance. Take frequent breaks after every 30 min, take a break and come back for further studies.
  3. Practice mock papers: - At this time, more than your knowledge, your ability to perform in exam environment is important. When you give mock papers, focus on speed. Try to answer the paper as early as possible in a neat handwriting.
  4. Good health:- Keep yourself hydrated, avoid junk food, eat lots of fruits, do light exercises and keep calm. The exam pressure might put you under stress.
  5. Exam Hours: - at the time of exam make sure you give yourself 5 min with the question paper before you start your exams. Make a quick go through all the questions and analyze which are the questions you know quite well. If you forget the answers of the question, close your eyes and just remember all that you have prepared for a year. I am sure you will be giving the best exam of your life/ carrier. Make sure you are not nervous at all before the exam or during the exam.