Now days the number of apartments and malls have increased across the cities and do have doubled the vehicles on the road and subsequently the number of parking areas and garages have also increased. So the parking at this points is really common, however many a times this parking areas will be vacant and no people around, so we must be cautious while parking your bike or car.

  1. Parking near to lit areas:- Park your vehicle next to a lighting space where at least some light is there. Don’t park in dark places.
  2. Know your parking:- after you park you should remember your parking lot. Often in malls the parking areas are so big that we can forget where we have parked, to avoid searching and spending extra time in the basement or the car-bike parking area note down the your parking lot.
  3. Lock your door and windows:- make sure you lock your doors and windows before you go away of your car, into the mall or other area of your visit.
  4. Self defense tools:- keep some self defense tools, like you can keep peeper spray in your purse or pocket.
  5. Be confident:- while moving around be confident, walk briskly and look around while walking.

When you are also going back from the shopping or other place even walk confidently like you know the place.

  1. Exit areas:- look for the exit areas while entering the parking and if possible park near to the exit area.
  2. Look for suspicion: - if you see something suspicious inform it to the security or other concerned person like police or security. It may help some other person if not you. Be careful.

Last and not least follow your instinct

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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