Red Bull energy drink: This is to all those who had ever had Red Bull energy drink, and if you are a fan of the red bull drinks. If you habit of drinking Red Bull you must read this

Bizarre Message is floating across the Internet and social media claiming the energy drink contains sperm from a bull. The source of suspicion is based on an ingredient found in Red Bull and other similar power drinks. It's taurine.

The answer is no:

Most energy drinks including Red Bull contain a substance called Taurine, which comes from the Greek word taurus, which means ox  or bull, because the first time it was isolated in a lab from a bull's bile!. The tale came almost a decade back from a company called Longhorn Cattle Company – a Texas, U.S.-based company. It claimed that it tested the energy product and found traces of bull sperm in it

Taurus, In no way it means semen, it is an aminoacid, which can be found in several types of food such as fish and beef.

The taurine used in energy drinks is synthetic.

In the human body, good amount of taurine is the most effective way to reduce stress and control calmness as it lowers high colastoral levels. It also improves athletic performance and toleration.

Taurine is also found in the human intestine, Apart from animal tissues and it can be derived from chemical processes as well.

In order to use taurine in Red Bull drinks, taurine is synthetically made in laboratories.

Our view:  It Red Bull energy drink contain no bull sperm, you can drink as per your choice.

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